íj.stárt.cánón - Steps to Connect With íj stárt cánón

Inkjet Cánón printer and scanner is providing fantastic print quality and innovative printing functions. This device is suitable for both home and office use. If you have recently bought a Cánón IJ printer from its official website, you may need to set it up, which may not be easy for you. To know the complete setup procedure, pursue these directions mentioned below. For more assistance, visit íj.stárt.cánón.

How to Set up a Cánón Printer íj.stárt.cánón?

To set up a Cánón printer via íj.stárt.cánón, you can pursue these on-screen step by step instructions provided below:

  • First and foremost, launch your systems like a laptop or PC.
  • Afterward, link the Cánón inkjet printer to your system via wireless or corded.
  • Then open the desired web browser and then input íj.stárt.cánón inside the address bar.
  • You should hit the Enter button and wait until the official Cánón website displays you different & required steps.
  • Later, select the Configure button and wait until the new screen to make you request a model number.
  • Now, input the Cánón model number and press the Enter button, then install the setup via íj.stárt.cánón..

How to Find the Cánón Printer Model Number?

You can see the upper or front side of the Cánón printer to check out your printer’s model number. Now, go to Cánón íj.stárt.cánón and then input this number in the given column.

Download the Cánón Printer Drivers - íj.stárt.cánón

To download the Cánón printer drivers via íj.stárt.cánón, you can pursue these on-screen step by step instructions provided below:

  • First and foremost, set up your Cánón printer and launch a web browser on the system.
  • After that, go to the íj.stárt.cánón website and give the Cánón model number once asked.
  • You may also select from lower options and press the “click this link” option from the screen.
  • Later, begin downloading Cánón drivers and software via the exact link íj.stárt.cánón.
  • Finally, double-click on the program and install the Cánón item.

Install the Cánón Printer Setup

Wireless Connection

  • At first, you have to launch the printer driver’s downloaded file by twice clicking on it.
  • Then choose a USB or wireless connection.
  • After that, hold & press the power key to switch on your printer.
  • On the wireless connection method, long-press the Wi-Fi alarm to link until it begins blinking.
  • In case you locate this situation, that means your printer is linked to Wi-Fi.
  • Later, read carefully and admit the license agreement of the Cánón setup to install it.
  • Finally, hold the Complete button to finalize the step.

USB Connection

  • Keep in mind that you have a USB cord that is compatible with the device.
  • Then open the web browser to visit the official Cánón website and select the setup network connection through USB.
  • Go to the next page and wait for your Cánón program to link the printer to the system using the USB cord.
  • Press the Next button and download the driver for the printer and check if you wish to link the printer to a specific network.
  • You should click on the YES button, press the Complete button, and then select the ‘Add printer‘ option.
  • After that, select the Add option and get a driver from the official website or from íj.stárt.cánón.
  • Navigate to the Device settings and LAN settings, then pick the connection.
  • Later, install the Cánón drivers, inkjet, and then look at the device’s connections.
  • Finally, configure the Cánón printer and then test printing.